The Foundation


The Foundation was established on 13 December 2016 by Vieira de Almeida & Associados – Sociedade de Advogados SP RL (VdA) with a key mission: to promote citizenship education and the assertion of the key role of education and knowledge in the promotion of human rights and the rule of law, modelled in line with the civic, social and cultural intervention of VdA’s founding partner, Vasco Vieira de Almeida, deepening VdA’s commitment to social responsibility, as its sole founder.

Mission and Goals

The key mission of Vasco Vieira de Almeida Foundation is to promote education for citizenship and contribute to build a more informed, integrated and inclusive society and increase civic responsibility through education, knowledge and culture as vehicles to the promotion of Human Rights and the Rule of Law while affirming its role in Portugal as an active player in those domains.

Strategic Axes

In fulfilling its mission, the Foundation Vasco Vieira de Almeida carries out its activity around the following strategic axes:


Fully aware that access to justice and the Law is paramount to an effective assertion of citizenship and social cohesion, the Foundation is determined to boost the role lawyers play as a vehicle of access to justice and the protection of social groups at risk, fostering access to legal services by vulnerable citizens and by non-profit organisations, as well as support innovation projects and social entrepreneurship.


The Foundation supports education, training and knowledge as tools for personal and collective development, in its diverse depths of activity and civic engagement.

Human Rights

One the Foundation’s strategic goals is to act in matters pertaining to Human Rights, challenging all forms of their violation at the same time as promoting a collective conscience around the importance of the respect for the Rule of Law, valuing diversity.

Knowledge & Science

Building an open-minded, active and inclusive society is based on the dissemination of knowledge and science. The Foundation is determined to deepen the analysis of the relevant matters in the context of its mission, contributing to the advance of knowledge and innovation, as well as the disclosure of information within the community, promoting information sharing networks, on behalf of equality of access to knowledge.


The advancement of culture, in its diverse expressions - notably musical, artistic and literary – as well as the acknowledgement of cultural diversity and the awareness of the significance of respect for multiculturality, are key concerns in the role played by the Foundation.

Civil Society

Mechanisms designed to alert civil society must be implemented if civic participation and mindful social roles are to be attained, notably through the exercise of advocacy of relevant social issues, promoting and creating tools for social engagement. The Foundation is determined to play a relevant role in this area.

Digital Citizenship

In a world profoundly marked by technology and globalisation, it is of paramount importance for the Foundation to contribute to the collective consciousness of the challenges that digitalisation of society and the economy pose to the concept of citizenship as we know it, notably in terms of the protection of privacy, the dignity of human beings and of freedom itself, in all its extensions.


The Foundation is strongly committed to the development of a collective conscience, one that reflects the significance of adopting environmentally and socially sustainable practices and their impact on citizenship, as well as the sense of belonging to the community at large.

Bylaws of the Foundation, Ministerial Order of Recognition and Code of Conduct.

The Vasco Vieira de Almeida Foundation has a key mission - to be an active player in the education for citizenship in Portugal.

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