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Encounter(s) with Impact

Education for Citizenship

To create a collaborative platform that brings together companies and Social Economy organizations with a view to encouraging the sharing of resources and joint development of projects with a positive impact on the Community, thus contributing to the restructuring and survival of organizations experiencing greater difficulties in terms of project management and the sustainability of social businesses.


The project has 5 phases
  • April to September 2020
    Mentoring Journey:

    13 Social Economy Organizations were each accompanied by two mentors, namely young professionals with business expertise in project management, with the aim of helping them mitigate the effects of Covid-19 and boosting their projects to achieve their social purpose.
  • October 2020
    Project Evaluation and Selection:

    The project selection process ends with a notification sent, via e-mail, to the 7 projects selected to advance to the Contest phase.
  • November to December 2020
    Contest Preparation:

    During these two months, meetings, workshops and specific training sessions on topics relevant to social entrepreneurs will be held to prepare the organizations for their participation in the Contest.
  • January 2021

    The competition will take place on 27 January 2021. On this day, the 7 selected social organizations will present their pitches to the members of the Jury and the winning project, awarded the final prize, will be announced.


  • April 2021 through March 2022
    Get Together

    After the Competition, Fundação VVA helps the 7 finalist projects to create specific support and promote strategic synergies and for the projects to achieve greater impact in the community.

Who participates?

Social Economy Organizations invited by the Encounter(s) with Impact team to participate in the 1st Edition:


  • Ana Maria Perestrello
  • Carolina Cruz
  • Constança Coimbra
  • Diogo Mourão
  • Diogo Oom Cardoso
  • Duarte d’Eça Leal
  • Duarte Ricciardi
  • Francisco Bello
  • Francisco Clarke
  • Francisco Meneses
  • Francisco Seabra Ferreira
  • Francisco Travassos
  • Gonçalo Ribeiro Telles
  • Guilherme Ribeiro Pereira
  • Inês Castaño
  • Isabel Lima
  • João Pedro Pires
  • Joana Castro e Costa
  • José Miguel Nunes
  • Luís Sacadura
  • Marta Bento
  • Miguel Brandão
  • Nuno Matos
  • Pedro Simão
  • Sebastião Sousa
  • Vasco Conceição

Who are the members of the Jury?

João Vieira de Almeida

Managing Partner | VdA (President of the Jury)

Isabel Ferreira Pinto

CEO Pingo Doce | Jerónimo Martins

Luís Pereira Coutinho

CEO | Banco CTT

Paulo Malta

Managing Partner | Innovsky

Pedro Rocha e Melo

Executive Director |José de Mello Capital

Soledade Carvalho Duarte

Managing Director | Invesco Transearch Portugal

Vanda Jesus

Managing Director | Portugal Digital

What is the prize amount?

The prize amount is €10,000 and is awarded to the Organization/Project that obtains the highest score from the members of the Jury.

What is the expected impact?

  • This project intends to bring together prominent personalities from the Portuguese business sector, notably young professionals with business expertise in project management and leading social entrepreneurs, in the hope that this interchange will enrich their respective projects and professional paths;
  • Provide social entrepreneurs with the opportunity to be mentored by young professionals and offered tailor-made support in responding to the challenges brought by the current crisis;
  • Accelerate the impact of the selected projects through the network of contacts of the mentors and jury members, thus meeting or mitigating any possible needs;
  • Create synergies between the private sector and the social sector, namely through the identification of opportunities for the volunteering of skills at the companies represented by the members of the jury and by the group of mentors;
  • Train and empower the teams and projects of the Social Economy Organizations participating in the Encounter(s) with Impact program.


Mentorship is a two-way road. A mentor learns as much as the mentee.

VdA has gotten us used to programs of this quality since 2008. Where we can feel useful, feel that we are part of the solution. All companies that participate in the Encounter(s) with Impact project should replicate this initiative.

Carolina Almeida Cruz, Mentor

Our participation in the Encounter(s) with Impact program prompted Cozinha com Alma to implement a long thought-out project, given the possibility of counting on the support of a team that made everything clearer and easier. It was the trigger that led us to “shoot for the goal” and move outside our comfort zone.

Cristina de Botton, Chairwoman | Cozinha com Alma

It was with great satisfaction that I was challenged by the VVA Foundation to help, as much as possible, a social institution rethink its future. In addition to the pleasure it was gaining greater insight into several institutions dedicated to helping those most in need, it was also a privilege to specifically help one of these institutions reflect on its future with the aim of creating more innovative projects and putting them into practice on a larger scale based on a sustainable model. Many thanks to the VVA Foundation for the challenge and the best of luck for everyone involved!

Nuno Matos, Mentor

Encounter(s) with Impact program is being a refreshing and enriching exercise due to the experience, sensitivity and commitment of the fantastic mentors.

We began by conducting an overall strategic review and completed the mentoring process by creating a solid base for a project that feeds our institution's mission, while solving one of our greatest sustainability challenges.  And by 2021 we will see it materialize! Thank you, Vasco Vieira de Almeida Foundation, for providing this " Encounter " with Impact.

Joe Santos, Co-Founder | Vencer Autismo

Participating in this competition and winning the prize has proved an invaluable contribution to the definition and development of the 55+ 20-23 strategy: to maximize our social impact. I am especially grateful to have been afforded the opportunity to: (1) meet my fellow contestants, all of whom had brilliant ideas; (2) work with the mentors, who became good friends and a part of the team, and learn from our trainers, who made the most of every session, (3) come before a Jury so committed and motivated to reinforce and improve the social and environmental impact ecosystem in Portugal!
Thank you Fundação Vasco Vieira de Almeida for this Opportunity. It was a huge privilege to have participated in this Encounter, which truly promotes Impact!

Elena Duran, Founder | 55+ (Winner of the Encounter(s) with Impact 1st Edition)
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