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11 May 2020

The Vasco Vieira de Almeida Foundation has launched the LIGA-TE@ESCOLA crowdfunding campaign with the support of several partner entities. Individuals and companies can make donations to acquire computer equipment as part of the StudentKeep project. 

The Vasco Vieira de Almeida Foundation and its partners wish to ensure that students from the public education system access the new distance learning model on equal footing, keep attending their classes and have permanent access to education regardless of their socio-economic background.


Why does this campaign make sense?

  • Many students do not have access to computer equipment to keep connected to their schools. Many parents and legal guardians cannot afford to purchase a computer for their children.
  • Considering the likelihood of further waves of the virus, it became a priority to ensure the availability of computer equipment so that schools are equipped to continue teaching remotely and the  students continue learning at home.


How long will the campaign run?

  • This fundraising campaign will run until June, 30.


What is the financial objective of this campaign?

  • We would like you to help us raise € 40,000.


How can we make a difference?

  • Any individual or company can help with their contribution. Each Euro you donate will be used to purchase computer equipment that will be delivered to schools and later to students flagged by school clusters because they cannot access the online classes.


Who will buy the equipment?

  • The computer equipment will be purchased by the Vasco Vieira de Almeida Foundation.
  • All funds donated to the LIGA-TE @ ESCOLA crowdfunding campaign will be used exclusively for the purchase of computer equipment.


Who will receive the equipment?

  • The computer equipment purchased by the Vasco Vieira de Almeida Foundation will be delivered to public schools through Student Keep in coordination with the Ministry of Education, which has already mapped schools with students in need. Schools receiving this equipment will provide it to students who do not have digital access to classes. The students will then be responsible for returning the equipment to the school when they no longer need it.


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