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InclusivaMente Project

Education for Citizenship

It was approved, in 2019, the new legal status and framework of the “Maior Acompanhado” (adult persons unable, due to health reasons, disability or behavioural issues, to fully, personally and consciously exercise their rights or fulfil their duties), introducing a set of comprehensive and complex legislative changes which have given rise to the urgent need to invest in supporting health professionals, caregivers and citizens in general in the assessment, interpretation and dissemination of this new legal paradigm.

In the context of its mission, the Vasco Vieira de Almeida Foundation aims to contribute to improving the knowledge of organisations providing care to the elderly and/or people with diminished capacity, as to how they can effectively guarantee the Human Rights of their users and beneficiaries.

What is InclusivaMente: Human Rights in the context of Ageing and Mental Health?

The project InclusivaMente: Human Rights in the context of Ageing and Mental Health is developed by the Vasco Vieira de Almeida Foundation in partnership with EAPN Portugal.

It aims to promote greater knowledge about the issues detailed above and to actively foster a more responsible and inclusive citizenship. This initiative also helps protect and raise awareness about the human rights of the elderly, dependent persons and those with diminished capacity, through a training and coaching programme on the legal framework governing the action and intervention of social economy entities that provide care to these categories of beneficiaries.



"A very enlightening formative moment of the legislative changes, fundamental for the professional practice".

“The trainers are exceptional, so the training and its structure and planning could only have worked very positively”.

“Exposition of contents of extreme importance for our professional practice”.

“It exceeded my expectations as it provided legislative information that I was not aware of and so I can now implement new good practices for the resident's reception”.



The InclusivaMente project is directed to the employees of social economy organisations that provide care for the elderly, dependent persons or those with diminished capacity, with a special focus for professionals in the following areas: health, social and legal assistance.


Application for registration for the training sessions is free and is made by completing the registration form (contents available only in Portuguese).

The sessions are dependent of a maximum of 30 participants and may be canceled if this minimum number is not verified.

A maximum of 2 (two) participants per institution may apply for the training sessions. 

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